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Support the Arts in our community!


If you believe in the power of music and the importance of the arts in our cultural fabric, your financial support is the most important way to make a difference!  CAS, a non-profit organization, relies on the generous contributions of its supporters in order to continue enriching our community with great music. 


EVERY PENNY donated to CAS goes directly to the production of our concerts:


  • Paying for the venue

  • Orchestra musicians

  • Professional soloists & guest artists

  • Licensing & Insurance fees

  • Set-up

  • Recording


- the list goes on, and it adds up quickly!  YOUR financial support of this 50+ year old organization is what makes the difference and what allows us to continue the beautiful work that we do FOR YOU! 


If you'd like to join our family of supporters, please use the links below - and when you donate, you'll get free tickets to our concerts! Be sure to include your full name, as you will be thanked and featured in our concert programs as supporting members of CAS. 

Memorial donations may also be made in the honor and memory of loved ones who were lovers of music. 


You may mail your contribution directly to:

Choral Art Society of NJ

P.O. Box 2036

Westfield, NJ 07091


Thank you for caring about the arts and stepping up to make a difference! 

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